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Will orphaned kitten's bad behavior influence non-orphaned kitten's behavior?

Hi, I found an abandoned (orphaned) kitten who was about 4 days old. I raised her and she is now about 13 weeks. Her name is Uzay. She was really aggressive at around 10 weeks, she would bite me, scratch me, and attack me non-stop. I heard this is common among orphaned kittens because she was never around a mom or siblings that she could learn from aka when to know her limit and so on. After I introduced her to my older cat (Spazz), Uzay stopped attacking me but often attacks Spazz now. Spazz gets extremely annoyed but doesn't do anything aggressive to her. 

Uzay's mom, sisters, and brothers have been in my yard this whole time. One of her brothers is really friendly and has recently came into my house and has just been hanging around. Now Uzay is attacking her brother non-stop and her brother is hiding from her and hissing at her to stop but she wont (he doesnt seem to fight her aggressively but he has play fighted back normally). Will she be a bad influence on him? Or will he be a good influence on her and teach her her to play instead of be aggressive?

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Common means often, not always, so of course this may not apply to your family's kitten. Plus you didn't even mention how old your family's kitten was, there's a difference between being an orphaned cat at a few days old and an orphaned get at a few weeks old. Of course its about genetics and experience, Uzay has a different experience: she didn't have a mother cat to socialize her so she is having social issues. And of course that relates to her biological predisposition to not be calm. Smh

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    They will probably not influence each other in either way, but the kitten will most likely keep attacking the older cat until you give her away or to an animal shelter

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    That should not be common behavior. My family adopted a really young kitten, and he was as sweet as can be. He even thought that he was human, never meowed, and he would play hide and seek with people and sat on the laps of visitors he never knew before. Different cats have different catsonalities, shaped by both genetics and life experiences.

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