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What are some of the best books?

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    Al Quran is the best book I have ever read before.

    You also read shakespeare's plays,Jems Joy's Ulysses novel

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    Catch - 22

    The Brothers Karamazov 

    The Grapes of Wrath

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    Hello by Paramahansa Yogananda The Autobiography of a Yogi is about enlightenment and bliss Yogananda was truly an enlightened master also wrote Towards the Fulfillment of the Self the eternal pursuit of man the Divine Novel to be victorious in life by living without fear because God allows evil and how to rise above It the law of success how to overcome life's challenges how to always be happy how to awaken your true potential Whispers from eternity

    These books they wrote from his speeches talks about interesting things about the mind its power, the will God the soul are useful his books also to understand our time

    Swami Kriyananda's Path,. how to attract prosperity live wisely live well educate to life change your magnetism change your life by naidhruva rush Crystal clarity editors on the consciousness of solutions

    The yugas by Joseph selbie and David steninmtetz Crystal clarity publishischers on Dharma and our time

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    Steven Hawkings reads to you now bro, its 2020

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