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What makes relationships hard?

I just left a relationship because the guy I was with was very critical and talked down to me, we fought 2-3 times a week and it was usually because he snapped at me for something stupid like me not asking how his dad is even though I’ve never met him, spoke to him and there was nothing wrong with him. I couldn’t make him see the problem, I tried but it was always turned on me like I’m to blame. I couldn’t make him see the problem with the way he treated me so I figured if he doesn’t see the problem, it will never change. 

I’m second guessing myself now, if relationships are supposed to be difficult, did I give up too easily? 

It was just a 4 month relationship 

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    It sounds like you both just weren't mean to be for each other. You'll find somebody though and things will feel easy for months on end.

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