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If a cat  escapes from inside to outside would it know how to defend himself and  survive?  ?

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    Some will be able to defend themselves and find food, while others will not. Most will live a very short life and an unhappy one, at that.

    Domesticated cats are just that: Have lived with humans and have learned to depend on humans for their well-being. Most commonly, a house cat will not "escape" unless it is already semi-feral and has had previous experience outdoors. Even in that circumstance, these cats live shortened lives such as 2 to 3 years because of conditions outside. 


    -Difficult to find food, not accustomed to finding food

    -Temperature extremes

    -Lack of protection 

    -Attack by predators 

    -Presence of internal and external parasites which substantially weaken the cat

    -More viruses present to cause illness in the cat

    -Other things such as being hit by a car

    A domesticated cat is used to the help and provisions of its human. When a person "dumps" a cat, or leaves it in a field, by a barn, etc., that cat may not even survive through the first cold season. Even when the cat searches for another human to help it, help is seldom found. 

    Cats have evolved to rely on more protection, as well as the social interactions of people. Feral cats survive a much shorter life in the wild due to the above conditions. Even "barn cats" who are provided shelter but no food will live much shortened lives, and most frequently are killed by predators, or wander off to find preferable living conditions, but often none are available.

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    Domesticated cats have no problems surviving on their own outside.  In fact, it's animal cruelty to keep a cat indoors plus your house smells like cat sheet and biss no matter how many times an hour you change/clean the litter box.  Trust me, your visitors can smell it.

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