program or app that can apply a flat graphic to a curved surface or just transform at an angle for refference?

basically i need a refferencing application where i could take a picture of sorts, and transform it in 3 dimensions, make it curved, concave, etc. i need it for various purposes, one of which is drawing a tattoo on a character, another is that i need to pre-distort something that i will than project out of a projector, as a result, i can make an image appear flat on a round or curved surface, and then i can trace the image for when i paint.

does anyone know a suitable program that works for this? i am aware programs like solidworks and probably blender too can be used for this, but im after something smaller and lighter possibly designed just for this singular purpose since that would make it far easier to use. Otherwise ill have to learn blender, or, doing this on solidworks is really difficult and time consuming even if you have experience

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    1 month ago

    photoshop can do that, with a little work.

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