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Please be straight up with me, Should I just give up on games?

I suck at all games I play and it to the point it's no longer enjoyable. Should I just give up on gaming and try something else?

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    TLDR; If you don't like it, don't play it, but there's probably something out there you'll enjoy with a little practice.

    You shouldn't do something you don't enjoy, but as someone who loves games, I believe there's a game out there for everyone. You're not going to be good at something the first time you try. It takes practice. Try something single-player you can take at your own pace. Try different genres of games to see if you might like something else better. I'm terrible at fps games, so I don't play them, but I like rpg games. Maybe you just haven't found your niche yet. Do you like puzzles? Maybe give Portal a try. Want something heavy on story? Detroit has a great story and there's no real way to lose that game. Maybe even try out Final Fantasy 14, now that half of the game is free. It starts off very slow and does a good job of slowly teaching you how to play and ramping up the difficulty as you go. Or you don't even have to fight in the game, if you don't want to. You might just want to decorate a house, make your character look fashionable, or travel around trying to catch different fish. You've got a ton of options for how you want to play.

  • If you are not enjoying the experiences...then yeah, but not all games are adversarial and competitive, unless like many that's actually what motivates you

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    Maybe you aren't playing the proper games, what kind of games do  you normally play?

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