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Can anyone suggest the aprox. latitude and longitude of the center points of both Bermuda Triangle and Dragon Triangle?

Or, the approximate center to center distance of these devil's seas. 

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    The Bermuda Triangle (also known as the Devil's Triangle) is part of the western North Atlantic Ocean.  The boundaries are defined with vertices in Miami; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Bermuda. Subsequent writers do not necessarily adhere to this definition, hence the "center" varies from author to author.  Generally, however, the center is at 25° N and 71° W.

    The Dragon Triangle (or The Devil's Sea) is a region of the Pacific, south of Tokyo with vertices at Yamatai Island, Luzon, the Philippines, and Guam.  Again, this varies depending on the author.  Generally, the center is at 25° N and 137° E.

    In both cases, these are heavily trafficked sea lanes and do not seem to suffer any higher incidence of 'disappearances' than equally trafficked area.

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    Very interesting Question indeed, the proper answer , since the center of these two mysteries places on earth ,which is situated at latitude 21 degrees North can be seen as being the center of them , that is the City being well known to the Muslims world for more than 4 millenniums , Mecca, the Holy city ,where the Kabah or the House of GOD being located . Geographically ,when measure in angles from the East of Mecca, along the Lat. of 21 Degrees North  ,to the Dragon Triangle in Japan Sea of Pacific Ocean  and vice versa to the center of Bermuda  Triangle in Atlantic Ocean , having an equal distance of 114 Degrees. This is my suggestion to you for your further research in scientifically point of view . 

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