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Should I be worried about this?

  So my younger sister will be 15 in a few months and I recently looked at her search history.  Her search history was stuff like "hot 6th and 7th graders" "sexy 12 year olds in boxers" "why are 10-12 year old boys so hot" and stuff like that.  I know she is young but I am genuinely worried that she might be looking up possibly illegal things and I hope that she isn't doing that because that could get us all in trouble.  I would understand if she was looking at porn because that is what normal teens do however, this doesn't seem normal.  How could I talk to her about this?  Is this normal for a teenage girl?  I am really worried and I hope she is not looking at child porn.  Should I get her computer taken away?  Also it is not just her search history.  I was looking on her Instagram just because I was curious and I found out that she had followed a lot of extremely young people on there, most of them a lot younger than her!  I understand that she is young but I still feel that this is creepy.  Do you think she needs help?


When I say extremely young people, I mean people who look way too young to use the app.

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    I think 15 is a little old to be interested in pre-pubescent boys. Most teenage girls have curiosity about older boys, not younger. Fortunately, most 15 year olds wouldn’t know where to find real child porn. People don’t just post kiddie porn on the internet for anyone to find. It’s on the dark net, and it’s not free, due to it being highly illegal. Kids in boxers isn’t kiddie porn, but it is a little creepy. I suggest you talk to her privately and explain why this concerns you. It may not be what you think. If she really does have an interest in young boys, I suggest you tell your parents so they can get her some help before she becomes a pedophile.  

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