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At the time Michael came to America in Grease 2, did Sandy keep her new personality from the end of Grease?

In Grease 2, it is revealed that Michael is Sandy’s cousin, but we never see Sandy at that time. In Grease, Sandy changed from a sweet and shy girl to a tart, but we never see whether she kept the new personality or changed back to the old shy Sandy, or decided she didn’t want to be either wholesome or a tart.  At the start of Grease 2, which represents 2 years after Sandy graduated from Rydell High School, was Sandy back to being shy and sweet again or did she keep her new personality from the end of Grease or did she decide that she didn’t like being either type of Sandy?

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    Sandy drowned at the beginning of Grease.  Instead of her whole life flashing before her eyes in her final moments, she had a dream-fantasy of what her senior year in high school would have been like if she'd lived to see it.  At the end of the movie she flies to Heaven.

    Sandy is dead.

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    Her and John Travolta flew off to the skies at the end so both became angels, Olivia Newton john is too nice to be anything but an angel, she wasn't a sslut at the end of Grease, she did it to win back Johns affection.

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