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Good Punishment Ideas?

I work at a boarding type style school where there are 40 kids (20 boys and 20 girls). The boys have been really bad about following curfew which is 10pm in your own room door closed. That means ready for bed, no need to shower, done brushing your teeth, etc.. If they want to stay up till 3am in their own room play video games or watching a movie then whatever your choice. It's when their in each others rooms making a lot of noise and keeping each other awake that I have a problem with. I need some ideas of a suitable punishment for multiple offenders. I've tried making curfew earlier, but that's hard when it isn't everyone and I don't believe in collective punishment so.. any ideas?? 

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    1 month ago the boarding house at my school curfew is always midnight.  Usually the kids are in by around 10, like 1130 is usually the latest.  Staying out past curfew was locked out of the house.  Staying awake is punishable by the dorm supervisor.  (One of the teachers at school.)  usually it was cleaning up around the school grounds or something really easy like that but not something you would like to do on a Saturday morning when everyone else is still asleep

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    Detention room where they have to spend their weekend.  Get the parents involved.

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