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quick fix for IBS bloating?

I noticed a few days ago that I am REALLY bloated. I get bloated a lot because of my sensitive stomach, but this is worse than normal. Like, my pants won't even button. The scale says I gained 10 pounds, and at first I thought maybe I'd gained fat or something but it's literally all in my stomach so I think it's water. Feels like a rock is in there. I'm gassy and constipated and very uncomfortable. I am going to the beach tomorrow and I want to wear a bathing suit, but I really can't when I look and feel like this. I have IBS and a possible gluten intolerance. Is there any way to get rid of this bloat fast?? I have been eating gluten-free for a few days now and I've gotten a little less puffy but it's not happening fast enough. Please help!! And please don't make fun of me. Thanks in advance! 


Edit: I am not pregnant. There is no way I could be. 

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