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"You're welcome"←Is this welcome called an 'expression' or an 'exclamation'?   Is "Congratulations" called an expression?

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    An exclamation depends solely on how it is said, and not on the word or sound being made.  You could say "You're welcome!" in an exclamatory way, although it usually isn't done as an exclamation, but more as a perfunctory statement. 

    Usually, an expression is just a common word or set of words that is used to mean something more than the words actually mean in themselves.  "you're welcome" is a common expression of gratitude use for the purpose of being polite.  The words don't really mean that you are welcome (although they can) so much as "I appreciate what you did".

    I suppose you could think about "Congratulations" as an expression of polite behavior used to acknowledge an achievement.  It is often said even when the person is not truly happy for the person or impressed by the achievement.  It is often said simply to be polite.

    "I am really full after that huge meal" is not really what would be called an expression.  It means exactly what it says and there is no unstated or hidden yet commonly understood meaning to it as the term "expression" would require.

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    It is an expression which is in the from of an exclamation.  "Expression" is a general description, "exclamation" names a particular type of expression.

    Note also that: "You're welcome" is largely North American - it is not used nearly so much in Britain.  Await comments from Australians, South Africans, etc on that matter!

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    Something can be both an exclamation and an expression.  Typically, if you put an exclamation mark at the end, then it is an exclamation.  Congratulations! is both an expression and an exclamation.

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