Do "Indios" stand for "In Dios"? meaning In God?



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    Yes and no,

    Endu / Indu (Endo) is an old Latin word meaning with in. Indigenous translates to the genus with in the area. So, it's very easy to see how Indio could have been a dialect word meaning the same thing.

    But more then likely it evolved as play on words that means "under god"

    It could point out it was the Catholic Church who included the natives, not the original Latini (note the i).

    The oldest Roman theocracy says the Latin gens (patrician families) could trace their blood to an immortal. The father of their blood line was an ancient god like mars. It's where the idea of Latin blood comes from.

    The Roman Catholic Church (or the church who speaks Latin) believes god the father is not only the father of Christ but of the all the universe. And therefor all humans as well.

    "Our Father, who art in heaven,hallowed be thy name;"

    Note: 1) Not all Christians believe the father part means that. 2) Blood lines can conform to catholic doctrine by saying your families father was only human removing the idea that some gens had divine genetics.

    A second story -

    Columbus' original letters were lost. But one of early reprints / translations claims there where two groups of Natives. One island was full of cannibals. On other island had peaceful people already living "under god" (in dios) and they could easily become Catholic.

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    No it doesn't

    and the F-word is not an acronym

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