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Vacation Salary?

I turned salary in March of this year. I haven't put in a week of vacation yet due to everything going on. Well I finally did and my boss is saying that I can't take all the days I want due to insufficient vacation. I have 14hrs and 8 sick time which is 22hrs. I work 3 days the week I go on vacation which I work 9 hours a day so 27 hours and I figured salary has to be at least 40 if I'm correct i might be wrong im missing 13 hours so I would have 1hr vacation left then the next week I said ill work 3 10 hr days and that adds to 30hrs and I have to come in on a Sunday to do paperwork for an hour so he's letting me add that so 31 and with my 1hr vacation and 8 sick time that would give me my vacation but then hes saying no i need to work one more day and that it doesn't work like that and that I have to add up to 45hrs. I live in Illinois and it says a salaried position is at least 40 so wouldn't I add up to 40?

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    Think your boss is correct. If u only have 22hrs then u can only use 2days and 6hrs but if u want to use your sick leave hrs as vacation time then u may have more time to use. If you are scheduled amends off anyway try to request Wednesday through Friday office and with amends off already it will be like a week office vacation.

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    Your sick time has nothing to do with your vacation time off. 

    Sick time is used for when you are sick.

    Your boss maybe allowing it, but it's not interchangeable and payroll will likely not pay you.

    You have 14 hours of vacation time off. 

    So at most you can take off 2 days with pay.

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