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What is the average cost to replace 4 control arms, 2 struts, and 2 sway bar links for a '15 BMW X5 in an independent shop?

I have a 2015 X5 and would like know how much it would cost to replace all 4 control arms, 2 front struts, and 2 sway bar links. I think I am getting an absurd estimate so I would appreciate your feedback! Thank You!

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    Costs vary widely by region, and we're not mind readers, so we have no clue where you are. Why don't you call multiple shops in your area? That's what a logical and intelligent person would do. I used to work on cars for a living and In my area you'd be looking at about $4,000 plus tax, give or take a couple hundred.  Welcome to BMW ownership. I've been driving the same Toyota for 22 years and I haven't spent that much in repairs the whole time I've owned it. Fact.

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