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How do I get over being bullied? ?

I'm in college and last year I lived with 6 girls in an off-campus place. Half of the girls were chill and we got along fine, however, the other half was brutal. The main girl (let's call her Diane) was especially bad. She began to have a problem with me and two of the girls for a reason unknown to me. I tried to be respectful and always did my chores every week. I contributed money, etc for the house. I basically just tried to lay low because I knew the situation was bad but I had no way of getting out of it. However, Diane didn't care. She made up outrageous lies about me to the other girls and basically turned half the house against me. For example, Diane bought a microwave and she told everyone that we didn't have to pay her for it, and then I overheard her telling everyone that I attacked her and refused to pay her for the microwave. She also tried to file a report with the school by saying that I was cheating off on her in a class that we have together and she would complain to my roommates about how I was trying to mooch off from her work. This blew my mind because she constantly would come to me for help for the class. I also found out through one of my roommates that she would through my room when I wasn't there and would laugh with my other roommates about how poor I am. Whenever I tried to address these issues with Diane, she acted like I was the crazy one and would gaslight me. It made it worse because half of my roommates backed her up.


Luckily we aren't living together this year. However, I'm still trying to get over this experience. I'm embarrassed to say that I struggled with so much anxiety when I was living there because I was constantly having to walk on egg shells. I would wake up in the middle of the night with panic attacks because I knew I couldn't get out of the lease. Anyway, sorry for the length of this. But how do I let this experience go? 

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    Therapy. You have trauma as a result of bullying, and you need to go to therapy. Good luck.

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