Why does society demonize people with mental disabilities? Like Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, Bipolar etc?

Like it seems society thinks we’re all closeted sociopaths, psychopaths, murderers, criminals etc. We are less likely to even commit crimes, I hate how the media represents us as people who lack empathy. Literally compared to the general population, we are just wired differently and we’re just born that way. We really just want to be left the h3ll alone, and want to live our lives. Maybe society should stop the hatred against us autistics. We’re just like any other individual, we’re not “sick” either. If I walked past you, and you saw me, you wouldn’t even think I am autistic but I am. I just mask it in front of you so you don’t whine about me stimming. 

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    1 month ago
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    Because society demonises anyone who is different... there is actually an innate desire for fascism in society, we want to see more of the same and less different (which is why the melting pot has failed miserably, all that actually happens is that certain neighborhoods become "little italy" or "china town" black neighborhoods... etc.)

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    1 month ago

    These people often say hurtful or inconsiderate things, but only their mental health doctors know it's excusable.

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