What is wrong with me?

Every night I make lists on the notes app on my phone of specific times and specific things i need to do the next day such as things I need to do to get ready in the morning eg. shower/brush teeth, get dressed etc. The thought of being late to do these things really stresses me out and so have to follow it strictly otherwise it feels like everything is falling apart. The thought of being late stresses me out so much even if it’s just to meet a friend who wouldn’t even be bothered if i was 5 minutes late. The thought of my college attendance not being 100% also stresses me out even though there are no consequences if it is slightly below that. I feel like I have to be good at everything even though I’m not. In class I always zone out and can’t keep up with the pace everyone else is going at. I go to a music college and I cant focus on the sessions other than when we actually get hands on experience (playing as a band etc). It’s not like I dislike the teacher/people or even the lesson it just feels like so much information to take in and i don’t know how i’m supposed to listen for a full hour or two and take most of it in. 

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  • 1 month ago

    as other user's said this is OCD because it is happening for all cases. either go to doctor and take medicine, or just  forcefully control yourself.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    This sounds like a pretty clear-cut case of OCD--obsessive-compulsive disorder, perhaps with a side of anxiety. Most people don't feel the need to schedule specific time slots when they will bathe, do their dental care, etc.

    Does your school offer mental health counseling? Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is not forever, doesn't dig into your past or the reasons for OCD, and is said to help you master coping strategies in less than a year if you work at it.

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