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Are the wildfires along the West Coast producing enough smoke to affect our weather?

Specifically, will the smoke affect the temperatures this winter? Or is the smoke not dense enough to affect the weather?

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  • 2 months ago

    Yes, it is enough to have an impact on the weather. Exactly where and when is part of the riddle. Some time do some research on aluminumized jet fuel, which some claim was an experiment to provide additional reflectors in the atmosphere.

    It is said that a monarch butterfly beating its wings in South America affects the world weather.

    There are other things besides the particulate emissions of forest fires that will have an environmental impact. The water shed changes, or how much water finds its way into the deeper water tables. Run off is increased.

    The remains on the surface are washed down stream also causing problems in the streams and rivers.

    Keep in mind forest fires existed before civilization. They are part of the cycle that predates man according to science. So in many ways it is part of nature. Maybe our putting them out does more damage to the environment then we can guess.

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