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What, if anything, have you learned from the Q&A here in R&S?

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    Several things.  Below is a partial list.

    1. How to bless rather than insult back (1Pet 3:9).

    2. How a person must be very comfortable with intellectual dishonesty to become an atheist.

    3. How many people think you can be a true Christian and continue to believe and act any way you want, and simply cherry pick what scriptures you want to go by (ref Mt 7:21-23; Jas 1:22; Heb 10:26-27).

    4. How most atheists have been duped into thinking that anyone who simply calls themselves a "Christian" is in fact one.

    5. I've learned a whole lot more Bible and especially specific verse locations from doing my research to answer the relatively few legitimate Bible questions asked in this forum.

    6. I recently learned from such research in number 5 that if you use the mainstream scientific deep time for when plants first appeared and the age of coal seams, you find that the age of coal is 70.21% the age of plants.  Big deal right?  Well, when you use the Bible (LXX) to make the same measurements, you find that the age of the Great Flood is 70.21% of the age of the earth.  Of course YECs have been saying that plants have been around since the Creation week, and coal seams came from all the organic matter buried in sediments by that Great Flood.  So the time match up is no surprise, especially when you understand that radiometric dating is inaccurate in an absolute sense, but works quite well when comparing one time to another.  Just another example of the Bible model supporting the observable science.

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    There are a lot of mentally ill people in the US.

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    People just wont obey all of Jesus' sayings , even if there is sufficient evidence that if they don't then they will end up in Hell .

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    I've learned a lot about the ways some other people think.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    NCWJ: How vile, immature and self centered people can be was my first lesson

    WELL.  That's some pretty thick IRONY there, NCWJ, since you just described yourself.

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    Quite a few questions have led me to research stuff that I now know more about.

    Some things I wish I had never followed up. I now know what a Kentucky Klondike bar is, and I wish I had never looked.

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    I've learned how messed up we all are and how much we need Jesus Christ.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Not every question is worth answering. 

  • How vile, immature and self centered people can be was my first lesson

    what you say is heeded by more than just the asker was the second

  • 1 month ago

    Most people are a lot more stupid than I thought.

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