Why is my Netgear RS400, AC2300 cutting my internet speed?

I bought a NETGEAR nighthawk rs400 ac2300 router May 6th 2020

When my state started opening up along others, unfortunately COX (my internet) was not allowing anyone into houses and I needed the wire moved. It sat in the box till today; Sep 17 2020, I finally got everything connected and my modem is compatible with COX and Netgear.

My firmware is v1.5.0.34_10.0.33

My internet speeds are supposed to be at 950mbps - 1gb(1000mbps) but its only pulling around 300mbps

The speed test from neatgear reads;

download: 283 mbps

upload: 29.65mbps

Ping: 9ms

I already tried factory reset and normal reset but the speed doesnt improve.

What should I do?


Modem info

Motorola MB7621

Certified for COX and 1000+ mbps

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  • David
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    1 month ago
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    Initially disconnect the router and connect a computer directly to the modem with an ethernet cable and see what speed you get. You can then get an idea where the problem is. Usually quotes internet speeds are up to 1000+.

    Additionally headline speeds are often nowhere near real world speeds as there are overheads that need to be allowed for.  For instance a basic Ethernet port which is described as 100Mbps uses a significant portion of its rated speed for internal addressing purposes.  This is called packet-overhead. If your ethernet cables are not Cat6 then you may get less than the rated speeds. Even if I test my internet network that is rated at 1GBps I rarely get more the 500Mbps throughput.

    I assume your quoted speeds are using an ethernet cable and not wifi.


  • Lv 7
    1 month ago

    what "speed test" are you using? extremely few websites actually have over 6Mbps. maybe big names like Apple might give you multiple hundreds, but most sites are single or double digit numbers.

    try testing at speedtest.net

    remember, just because YOUR connection is 1000Mbps doesn't mean the server you connect to has that speed. and your speed will ALWAYS be the slower of the 2 connections.

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