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How do I get a manufacturers certificate of origin (mco) for a scooter that didn't come with one?

Im in the process of buying a Vespa that use to be a movie prop that was imported from UK. It needs a title, and an MCO is something I need to get a title for it so I can legally drive it. Google hasn't been much help for me. I live in Ohio if its different by state.

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  • adam
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    2 months ago

    MCO is usually for a frame or aftermarket cases or motor.Thats how you get a special construction title .If they will provide a bill of sale that will be good enough to get a title [here in Arizona anyway] Usually a reconstruct title . You need to inquire with your states motor vehicle division. 

  • 2 months ago

    See if a title can be obtained in what ever state or place it is being sold in!

    The seller should be able to do so if it is stateside. Ohio has a bunch of in's and outs. In this case the "state of origin" would actually be the authority on selling the scooter. But not all states have licenses for scooters.

    Some times the import paper work would do and other places it will not.

    Second alternative is to register it with the paper work in another state that will allow a bill of sale to be used for transfers to get a title.

  • Anton
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    2 months ago

    WHO is selling the vehicle to you?  Does that person own the vehicle?

    Where is the vehicle located?  When was the vehicle made?  Is the original VIN still stamped on the vehicle?  Etc..  

    Hard way:  


     --  --

    Easy way:  Tell that damn seller to get their own title, so they can prove that they can legally sell the vehicle.  ( If he cannot, you need to assume that the vehicle is stolen, and it is illegal for you to own/buy the vehicle.)

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