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I have an all white deaf american staffordshire terrior. I want to breed him with my blue nose. Has anyone ever bred a deaf male? no hateful?


No hateful comments please. My deaf boy is 7 and a half and he super smart. I know how to train deaf dogs and would keep any deaf puppies Im just wondering if anyone has ever done this and whats the chance all the puppies will be deaf. I have done some research but wanting personal stories from real people. thanks in advance

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    • "I have an all white deaf american staffordshire terrior. I want to breed him with my blue nose. Has anyone ever bred a deaf male? no hateful?"

    Probably almost EVERYONE who has ever mated 2 self-white pooches together. GSDs are one of the few breeds where self-whites don't produce deaf offspring.

    I think you actually meant "bred FROM a deaf male?".

    You don't KNOW enough yet to consider breeding anything. Start with the breed-name:

    American Staffordshire Terrier.

    👸🏽 You both mis-spelt it AND mis-punctuated it. (Have you worked out why the original name for the Staffies was Staffordshire Bull Terrier? And why the Yanks removed the B-word?)

    👸🏽 You don't yet know why so many breeders AVOID dogs with a white coat.

    👸🏽 You don't yet accept that DEAFNESS is typical in pooches that have a sea of white blocking their ears off from any pigmented skin & hairs.

    On your behalf I looked up 3 web-sites about deafness and white dogs, but they were hard work for me (I'd "discovered" genetics in the school library back in about 1955, thanks to Amram Scheinfeld's book: ) and I'm sure they would be meaningless to you, so I left their addresses out.

    I'm sorry you are having wintery weather and so your nose is blue. But I don't know ANYONE who would use their NOSE to perform a mating!

    Wodderyameen, that's not what you meant?

    So learn to WRITE what you mean - AND to CHECK IT before publishing it. Because Y!A doesn't have a spell-checker, you will be better to compose your whole message in a word processor then - once the word-processor's grammar-&-spelling checker is "happy", copy&paste the short QUESTION into the first field, post that, then copy&paste the REST of your details / information into the 2nd field of Y!A.


    • "Updated 2 days ago: No hateful comments please. My deaf boy is 7 and a half and he super smart."

    💥1: WHAT's your evidence for that claim?

    "super smart" dogs tend to end up as herding dogs, police dogs, search&rescue dogs - or as big winners in kennel club Agility Trials, Dancing with Dogs contests, Herding Trials, Obedience Tests, Tracking Trials.

    • "I know how to train deaf dogs"

    💥2: As above: WHAT's your evidence for THAT claim?

    Although a deaf dog wouldn't HEAR the music being played, that wouldn't matter for performances such as:

    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail

    are triggered by the human's "body language". Provided you can get your deaf dog to WATCH you, all sorts of training competitions are possible. But for such as hunters & their dogs, hearing is VITAL.

    • "and would keep any deaf puppies "

    💥3: WHY?

    Even without the valid queries from other answerers regarding the regulations renumber-of-dogs-per-property in your district, a BREEDER's duty to a breed is to ELIMINATE as many harmful genes as possible. The genes for white are a DISQUALIFICATION in many breeds. The genes for pink noses AND the genes for "blue" noses are both disqualifications in many breeds - but you stubbornly want to COMBINE all three!

    • "Im just wondering if anyone has ever done this and whats the chance all the puppies will be deaf. I have done some research but wanting personal stories from real people. thanks in advance"

    Mostly, the genes for deafness appear to be recessives. So if your blue-nosed A.S.T. is a carrier, HALF the pups could be afflicted by inheriting the recessive from BOTH parents. The other half will be carriers by inheriting the deaf white parent's recessive, but its effect in THIS litter will be over-ridden by the dominant from the blue-nosed parent.

    As the blue-nosed A.S.T. is NOT deaf, NO WAY can EVERY pup inherit a "deafness" allele from it - but EVERY pup can & WILL inherit a "deafness" allele from the deaf white pooch, regardless of whether the blue-nosed A.S.T. is a carrier of that allele.

    You APPEAR to be totally ignorant of genetics. The medical world has much yet to sort out, but you SHOULD be aware of the problems that are in the A.S.T. breed, and which of them already have tests available. So STUDY: - and if you have further questions about how you can make sure that NEITHER of your pets possesses genes for anything on the list worse than deafness, PAY your vet to talk to you (by phone, if you are currently in "CoViD-19 lock-down") and answer your questions.

    👵🏼[granny]👵🏼 foolishly sticks her nose out without CHECKING the facts. she states:

    ❌1: "white ones are a 👺freak of nature & are 👺not accepted in a show ring."

    WRONG both times. #1: There is NO "freak" about white coats, nor about white hairs. They are genetically inevitable. #2: Neither the AKC's nor the FCI's Standard for this breed disqualifies white.

    ❌2: "he should have been neutered 👺at 4 months of age."

    Like HELL he should! NO breed or sex shoud be neutered before its gonads have finished signaling the growth plates in the bones to STOP adding length. The only exception I forgive is dog-rescue charities that neuter pooches before letting anyone have them. Such dogs rarely have any KNOWN genetic history, and so must NOT be bred from.

    I doubt that many A.S.Ts are full-size before 15 to 18 months old, so voluntary neutering should wait until AFTER that age. In my GSD breed maximum height might be at 18 months old, but maturity (by which time a GSD will be slightly smaller than it was at 18 months) takes at least another 6 months.

    Les the aged Kiwi - first pup in 1950, GSD trainer & breeder as of Easter 1968

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    Apart from the fact that you'll be lucky to manage to get a 7 year old dog to actually do the job once he has, he'll be looking for the next b itch who won't be there.  

    There is every chance he'll pass on his deafness, to more than one puppy too - so how many deaf puppies would you be willing, or able, to keep?    Just love the dog for what he is - your much loved PET.

    ps   There's no need for castration at this age unless he can't be properly contained which being deaf, I doubt is the case.    Better to get your female spayed so her continued seasons don't keep upsetting him.

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    Total shame on you for even considering it. 

    and even if you sell any puppies that are not deaf they can go on to sire / whelp deaf dogs as it will be in their genetics.

    Just DON'T. 

    Tbh..I really can't believe you would even come on here and ask.  

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    The white ones are a freak of nature & are not accepted in a show ring.  "no hateful"?  When you are so wrong about what you think & what you are thinking about doing is dreadful, terrible idea, he should have been neutered at 4 months of age.  Don't be a creep.

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    Since deafness in animals is a GENETIC fault, you should NEVER use them for breeding for any excuse.  Neuter him immediately.  NO one breeds them on purpose, except a backyard breeder who doesn't care.

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    1) Have you checked the laws where YOU LIVE to determine how many dogs you can LEGALLY OWN and/or house on your property  (esp AFTER 4 months of age?)

    Many towns/cities have a limit of 2-4 adult dogs.  Anyone intentionally breeding and keeping multiple pit bulls or bully types will be under EXTREME SCRUTINY from: neighbors, potentially your vet, and the law.  It will be ASSUMED you are breeding for DOG FIGHTING, because of the breed.  

    No vet would be in favor of you INTENTIONALLY breeding a DEFECTIVE DOG who IS DEAF... and will EXPRESS DEAFNESS in some of his offspring.  No vet or breed mentor in either breed - will approve of cross-breeding two DIFFERENT breeds.  (FYI: All of this IS backyard breeder BEHAVIOR, so if you do it, YOU ARE ONE.)

    Secondly, having multiple dogs and doing dog breeding may require a special license in some states and with pit bulls or bully breeds you may also have to get a SPECIAL INSURANCE RIDER. (Many insurance companies will DROP YOU, if they find out you have one or more pit bulls.)  You will find it difficult and expensive to get new coverage, if this happens.  (I hope your car & home insurance is NOT combined...)

    3) Different breeds of dogs have different types of deafness, depending on coat and when it is an inherited deafness.  Dogs (even if not all white) can still be DEAF due to the coat coloring and patterning and the genetics involved.  Anywhere from 20 to 80% of the puppies may have deafness.  WHITE Bull terriers have a very large amount of deafness & deafness even occurs in the colored version of Bull Terriers (who also carry some white in their coat).  That is the closest similar breed, I could find to help answer your question.

    4) ALL puppies produced would have to be BAER tested ($$$) before sale to determine if hearing, having loss of hearing in 1 ear (unilateral deafness) or being bilaterally deaf.... or totally deaf.

    5) Do you have the money (aside from what it will cost to produce a regular litter) to BAER test all of the puppies?  Do you have, or can you line up, a vet specialist to hearing test the entire litter?  

    6) Any non-affected (hearing) puppies may also CARRY the gene for deafness.  How will you prevent them from being BRED and further damaging the breeds, by INCREASING the genes and likelihood of DEAFNESS occurring in the breeds?  Very FEW people have any experience in training DEAF dogs and very few people want them.  How will you screen now owners to prevent those getting your dogs, from using them for dog-fighting, or a "training fodder"?

    7) Do you have the ability (and zoning) to allow you to put up dog kennel runs (to keep the dogs separated, should it  be necessary) and again, to house 4-12 dogs?  Will your neighbors tolerate the barking from multiple dogs and the FECAL MATTER or "ODORS" produced from a large number of dogs on a relativity small area?

    8) Just because you have a wonderful (but DEAF dog) DOES NOT MEAN he will reproduce the BEST of HIMSELF in any offspring as to TEMPERAMENT or ease or training ESPECIALLY if not tightly bred to a close relative.  And you are CROSS-BREEDING him to another breed!!!  Temperament is 50% genetic, 50% due to the environment raised in, and he only donates HALF the genes for each puppy.  You have virtually zero chance of getting a replica of him, but you will produce DEAF puppies.

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    Breed them and be awesome. My American Staffordshire bull terrier has had several litters. Several of the offspring have gone on to kill other dogs. It's a good feeling when bullys go on to great things. Bully's live matter bruh be awesome breed more bully's spread the word stop the unfair hate against this adorable and loving breed.

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    So, if your dog has ten deaf puppies you're going to keep all ten of them for their whole lives, and you have someone who agrees to take that on if something happens to you and you can't care for them? Even if you wind up having some or all that are dog aggressive by maturity and have to be kept apart from the others (which is very likely with this breed)? 

    Deafness in your dog's case is almost certainly a genetic defect associated with his color. Solid white dogs are discouraged by the breed standard for this breed. Not all deaf dogs will be as easy to handle and train as yours may be.  

    Responsible people don't breed dogs with known genetic defects. 

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    Both of your dogs need to be spayed and neutered.   Deaf dogs are carrying a genetic defect.

    "Blue nose" is just a PIT MUTT, not a breeding quality dog.   That dog isnt capable of producing anything but shelter fodder.

    If you have the means and space to keep deaf dogs, then get your current pets spayed and neutered and go ADOPT a deaf dog or two from the pound.  Theres no good reason to purposely create more.

    And a deaf dog is NOT a service dog.   I think you mean "emotional support dog", which is a glorified pet..  Not a service animal.

    Breeding even ONE litter would make you a back yard breeder.

  • 1 month ago

    People like you give back yard breeders, yes I said back yard breeders, a bad name.  

    Source(s): Your liberal snowflake meltdown only serves to prove how right I am. Shame on you for even considering to breed dogs with genetic defects.
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