How to have more energy in the mornings?

I usually sleep until 9:30am or 10am. That is because my job gives me evening shifts usually either 3:30pm or 4pm and I do not leave until 9pm and get home around 9:45-10pm since I take the city bus (I work retail).

Anyways on the rare occasion I do get a day shift (7am -3:30pm) or go to my parents to help with house renovations, my body has no energy when i wake up in the morning, in fact I end up with a headache and have to take asiprin. I am even supposed to go to my parents today to finish painting the kitchen (very little left) but I literally have no energy it stinks like I just want to crawl back into bed (off work though). I didn’t even leave yet and i wanted to arrive early but guess not.

How can I get more energy in the mornings? According to my fitbit I slept 6 hours and 52 minutes so about 7 hours. I am 27 years old female.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    You need at least hours of sleep. Eat well. Exercise good. Bring activities into your day. Get into the right hobbies. Have a positive mood. Take nice cold showers. Keep bring productive.  Have a wonderful warm- up. Feel the best!

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