What speakers will suit best?

So I’m getting more and more into djing and wanted to upgrade my speaker and bought a monitor.. but I currently only have a controller (Roland DJ 202) not cdjs, it turns out that the monitor Isint compatible with it, something to do with the db levels on the controller not being able to put out the same power. (I don’t have the best knowledge on all the theory yet) I was informed that I needed to get a sub and not a monitor so I’m currently looking for some speakers to get and need a recommendation. I want something that will fill a room for a house party and really rattle the people’s chest. My friend has a Sony GTX speaker that does the trick but I would preferably like something that can go on speaker stands and price point 100-300. Any and all help is greatly appreciated thank you! 

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  • 1 month ago

    New to this not sure how to reply but if you see this, thanks! I did come to realize though that it’s pointless looking for decent speakers to go with my controller. I’m just going to buy a standard Sony gtk speaker similar to what my friend has. Good quality speaker for house parties for the time being. I’ll look into getting better speakers/monitors when I move onto cdjs 

  • 1 month ago

    Your price point is awfully low if you want real performance. 

    Try $400 to $900 per cabinet for amplified speakers that will really work. 


    No speaker ever made by Sony will do as good a job as a JBL, Mackie, or EAW will.   

    Never heard of EAW (Eastern Acoustic Works)? You should get familiar with it. 


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