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Is my cockatiel s cage big enough?

I don't think this cage is big enough but I was in a hurry the day I bought are the things in the cage good for the bird and should I add or remove any thing?.Also is the perch bad?And I don't keep her inside all day she sleeps on the balcony she's pretty new we have her In the house for 2-3 days

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  • 4 weeks ago

    It's a travel cage, definitely not big enough for a cockatiel.  It's in H*ll right now.  It needs something like 26 x 20 x 45 (inside), 65 tall), at least.  A & E makes nice cages.  Craigs List & FB has good used cages.  Make sure it does not have rust.  That plastic perch is junk.  It needs thick and thin perches to exercise it's feet muscles, or it will become lame.  Some wood, one sea-shell type.  Get it a glass water bottle.  It needs water 24/7 and plastic is no good.  You need to be prepared to spend some money on the bird.  If you are not prepared to do that, then re-home it.  And it needs bird toys.  It is suffering from boredom.

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  • 1 month ago

    That cage is only suitable for short term, such as transporting to the vet.

    A cage should be at least twice that size, 4x the size would be better.

    There needs to be at least 2 perches, of different diameters. Natural branches with bark on are best but must be from a tree that is safe for your bird to chew.

    Even in a cage 4x the size of this one, your bird needs to spend at least an hour a day out of the cage in a safe room so it can fly and exersize.

    Spending time on the balcony in their cage is great but there should be a cover on at least part of the cage roof to stop panic  and fear of hawks etc.

    If leaving out at night, the cage should be safe from cats and covered to protect from sudden temperature changes.

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    1 month ago

    The cage is too small. Like way too small. Please buy a new one AT LEAST twice that size, but even larger than twice the size is much better. That one pretty much sucks. I hope you'll get it right away. A cage needs room for several perches of varying sizes and lengths. (A natural tree branch, a regular perch of different sizes.) Wood perches are better than plastic. There should be room enough for her to flap her wings without coming close to hitting anything. A rule of thumb, the bigger the better! You need bird toys in there, and room for extra food cups for different types of foods and treats. You need a cuttlebone, and crushed oyster shell. Those are very important to have in the cage at all times. Clips for holding fresh veggies near a perch. You said she sleeps on a balcony, as in outside?? I hope not. Is it cold where you are?  You do not want cold drafts. She should sleep inside the house with the cage covered about 75%. With a nightlight because cockatiels are prone to night frights where they thrash around in the cage at night, and they need a nightlight to be able to calm down and get back up on the perch.

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