My brain declined in math. But I think G-d gave me talent in math. How do you think of me? Any idea on what to do?

When I was 14, 15, 16 my math was great and much better than others with least study. (I am 32 now and a software developer programmed an NMS at age 19 which a Chinese software co failed to do so & MS recruited me then and cancelled due to being not in usa. GPGPU idea of nvidia AND folder control for antiransomeware just some of my ideas they never gave me anything for and didn't employ me for it/nor provable, but I completed windows driver for antiraqnsomeware myself.). I was even important in Hollywood idea. But I wasn't smart AT ALL. I was talented in math and somewhat fast in language learning only.

I remember I started study in age 15 and was one of best student especially in math. In previous year, I was also good at math with less than others study and even not doing home works well compared to most others who worked more than me.

It is not all. In age 16, I was best student in math. I was solving hard mathematics questions, OFTEN with a score close to 90% or above 85%, while often nobody among maybe 30 students were even able to pass above 50%, most in less than 20% mark.

I am now not good in academia, but a good programmer relative to most in my country. I try less....

No foreign high quality university out of Iran (like in Asia or Europe or even America) care about past. But I CAN Study math well and be there in one year to solve calculus problems. I am still poor and 32 years old. What are your suggestions for me?


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  • 1 month ago
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    You don't qualify for a work visa anywhere else. So see what opportunities there are in your own country to progress. 

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