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Is this common for the stages of healing with a foot fracture?

My 5th metatarsal closed/nondisplaced fracture and sprain of right foot is partially healed after cast removed last week and now in CAM air walker boot...7 weeks post injury. I have moments when it feels like my foot is drawed up & crampy, tingly... and uncomfortable but sometimes it is more relaxed & I can wiggle my toes pretty good and flatten it out (but not allowed to have any weight bearing at all yet per doctor... I use a scooter thing & have to keep boot on at all times except for a short while when sitting, but mostly even then. Is this coming & going of the drawing up tight it usually goes with foot fractures/sprains ? 

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    The nerves are coming back to life after being damaged. You should always take off the boot when sitting and keep your foot elevated.

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