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Atheists, God is real, and the evidence is all around us. Why can't you see it?

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    Satan whispers in their ears that there is no evidence.

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    I'm sorry, but I prefer by far unicorns! See how they are around us! LOL 

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    It is rational to believe in God as scientist or any atheist can not give you any verifiable evidence about theories like big bang and evolution. At least Science can give you evidence regarding Gods existence. God and Science cannot exist without one another both have to co-exist.

    Living things have fantastically intricate features at the anatomical, cellular and molecular level that could not function if they were any less complex or sophisticated. The only prudent conclusion is that they are the products of intelligent design.

    Evolution till today has remained only a theory without any facts. Fossil records are just dead records they dont tell you anything about evolution but they only tell you about the existence of a particular specie. Nothing else.

    Life on earth could never exist were it not for a series of very fortunate coincidences It needs a creator GOD

    Earth’s location in the Milky Way galaxy and the solar system, as well as the planet’s orbit, tilt, rotational speed, and unusual moon. Everything seems to be systematically planted by God for humans and other life to exist or else why would our earth ever have such right conditions for life to exist?

    Simple molecules arrange to form so complex things like RNA or DNA which calls for an intelligent designer. Simple life can never form so complex without God. How can it form? Just by some luck or chemical - biological reactions? Why those reactions have to take place? Just for the sake? There has to be some reasoning for that without which it is not possible. You can belive in God only through reasoning and not solely by watching material reactions in a lab.

    Without God there would be no life but only matter

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    Nice of you to provide a photo of one of the major wildfires in California or Oregon. but what does that have to do with evidence for God?

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    I can see the evidence, but just evidence alone isn't enough to prove His existence, for me at least, it just doesn't make too much logical sense to me. Although, I do think it's cool if you believe he exists, and I'm happy that you can find comfort and security in him. I don't think either of us should really care what the other believes. Like, as long as I'm not hurting anyone then should it matter if I believe God exists? And if you're not hurting anyone, does it matter to me if you believe in God? No, it doesn't. <3 I hope u have a good day (or night haha)

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    I suppose that includes all the worst there is in the world, right?

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    Because that evidence is anecdotal.

  • So your evidence consists entirely of the appearance of sunlight filtered by the pollutants in your atmosphere?

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