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Girls when it comes to wearing uggs do you roll them down to show the fur or do you leave them as is.?

Okay I am 26 and love Uggs. A little background on myself I grew up in an orthodox Jewish family and I wasn’t allowed to dress as I wanted, nor was I allowed to wear makeup or have jewelry. So growing up I would go to school in long dresses dresses and skirts. I went to a public school and I was always insanely jealous of the girls who got to not only wear makeup and jewelry, but got to wear Uggs. I would beg my parents to let me dress how I wanted and wear Uggs but they told me no. However they made a deal with me that once I turned 18 I would be allowed to dress how I wanted, and once I turned 18 in the summer of 2012, I did just that, I got my ears and belly button pierced, learned how to apply makeup and then bought enough makeup to open my own Sephora, bought a handbag, a huge amount of clothes and shoes and two pairs of Uggs. When I first got my Uggs I immediately folded them down to show the furry part of them inside. I did that since I noticed that in high school that was pretty much how every girl wore them. At my college i also noticed that almost 90 percent of the girls there that wore Uggs had folded them down to show the furry part. I’m curious to know how many girls here rolled their Uggs down to show the furry part or did you just decided to leave them as they are. 

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