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Singing Help?

I used to be a strong singer, until a few years ago when I developed an intense period of self-loathing. Singing just became something I couldn't do. I hate and still hate my voice. I had rarely gotten many higher-up oppurtunitues, despite lots of positive feedback and reccomendations.Then I got transfered to a new choir and things just went downward. The hate got worse, especially as I was constantly ignored and harasssed by the choir. My friends starting picking uo something was wrong and some of them suggested that maybe I wasn't meant for it and should give up. Problem is...I can't. A) If I leave I get transferred to a incredibly low-rated school and B) it's too late for me. I have problems breathing through my nose now, and am hoping to have it checked soon. But the hardest part of doing anything music related is singing. I can sing well in a large group of people, onstage, but not by myself or in class. My voice becomes worse and I feel terrible. I get so tense. I was never the sing in the shower type, but I suddenly became one. I'm in my second year of this choir, in a new group, entirely women's accapella. The people here are kind and very encouraging. But I'm still struggling with the effects of years of deep self-hate towards my voice. Does anyone have any advice on how I can reach my full potential again?

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    I think your biggest issue is not your singing, it is your mental health. If you have very strong feelings of self loathing then this is the issue that needs to be addressed - especially as you mention it far more than any musical issue. No singing teacher is going to be able to address this issue adequately, and any useful training you receive is going to have to break through the walls your anxiety and self esteem issues have raised in order to work.

    You should consider seeing a therapist - if you feel better in yourself then (other than obviously simply feeling better) your confidence will improve, your *perception* of your singing will improve and you will be in a better place to receive tuition in order to improve further.

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