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Can someone explain this question to me? The answer is 0.14 PPM.

"An 85 kg body contains 0.012 g of Ni. What is the concentration of Ni in parts per million?"

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    [(0.012 g Ni)/(85000 g body)] x 1 million = 0.14 ppm

    (Note 1 million = 1,000,000)

    Other way to look at it is that we have to make that 85000 into 1 million

    1,000,000/85,000 = 200/17

    so if we multiply denominator by 220/17 it will become 1 million

    then we also multiply numerator by 200/17 and it will become about 0.14

    That's how we get 0.14 parts in 1 million parts

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    So the body is 85kg, of which 0.012g is Ni (Nickel).  IOW .012g/85kg.

    So of course 85kg is 85,000g.  So it's 0.012/85000.  So now we whip out our calculator.

    0.012/85000 = 1.41176(etc.etc.) x10^-7.  Let's round it to 1.4 * 10^-7.

    The 10^-7 means the decimal point is moved 7 digits to the left to get the right answer.  IOW it would look like this:  0.000000014  -- that's 7 zeros.

    10^6 is a millionth, or one part per million.  10^7 is 1/10 of a millionth.  If it's 1.4*10^-7, that's 0.14 parts per million.

    Though that's nickel, it not a nickle's worth!  (That's a dumb joke.  Hope it didn't confuse you.)

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