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Is it likely that I'm not pregnant?

I had unprotected sex Sept 1st, 2nd and 3rd. My last period was August 23rd.

I took a pregnancy test this morning (one that is supposed to give you results 6 days before your next period) and it came back negative. 

Is it likely that I'm not pregnant since it came back negative? I should get my period in 6 or 7 days.

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    Testing early DOES NOT GUARANTEE that you are NOT pregnant.

    It only means that you don't have a high enough hormone level to register on the test at that time.

    EARLY tests are NOT meant to guarantee "not pregnant".  Early tests are for people who really WANT to do that they ARE pregnant as soon as possible.

    Late ovulation means a late positive result on a pregnancy test.  Until it has been 21 days since  you had sex - a test MIGHT be a false negative.  At 21 days after sex - you can trust that a negative is right and not just testing too early.

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    Likely? Impossible to guess.  Early tests aren't very accurate and you are testing really early. 

    I'd suggest that you just wait until your period comes or is a week late and take a regular HPT -- or call your ob/gyn and go in for a blood test.  Blood tests are very accurate.

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    I don't trust those early result tests. 

    You should wait and see if your period arrives and test again if it is late. 

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