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is smoking a few cigarettes a day really that bad for you? why or not?


I feel so satisfied after smoking a cigarette and i have been smoking just 3 per day for about 3-4 years now...and dont wish to smoke anymore than that. I sometimes smoke 5 maybe, but that would be on a very stressful day.

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    If you could smoke a couple of cigarettes every day and stay with only a couple of cigarettes every day it would probably be good for you it would build some immunity against other illnesses and raise your intelligence level just a little bit. the problem is most people don't do what the Indians used to do smoke one bowl of tobacco in the sweat-lodge per day. They smoke much more to the point where it becomes harmful.

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    If you only care about yourself maybe not.

    But if you smoke in the vicinity of others you could seriously affect their breathing, or trigger a heart-attack

    And if you smoke you also reduce your choice of mating partners by 25 % or so

    and then there's the fact that tobacco-production causes deforestation

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