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Comcast preventing service because of bill due on old account at this address?


My parents had a Comcast account a few years ago and did not pay the bill due when it was cancelled. I ordered Comcast service a couple days ago not knowing this and found out today when they cancelled my service and called to tell me my parents owe on their bill. I called Comcast multiple times to tell them that I'm not my parents and will pay the bill on time, as I've always done and they can do a credit check to prove it. They still deny me service until they pay. The thing is, I asked them what the charges are for and nobody at Comcast I talked to were able to tell me this information. They said since the charges were accrued over 2 years ago, they no longer have this information. This is a $400 bill and I will not pay this if they cannot prove what the charges were for. They say the way to reinstate my service is for my parents to pay the collection agency or Comcast. Knowing from experience of others, collection agencies don't tend to keep records of what the charges were for, only the amount and names on the account. My question is, is it legal for Comcast to deny me service, without owning the account or having information related to the charges on that account? 


Another thing I don't understand is how Comcast could be asking for the payment if they already sold the account to a collection agency. Unless Comcast owns the collection agency? I'm still not sure how this works...

Update 2:

Please only answer if you have legitimate knowledge. Comcast is regulated under the FCC and some of their regulations may apply. It's pretty sickening that Comcast is my only other choice for internet here. 

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    Just because there's a collection agency involved doesn't mean that Comcast has sold the debt. The collection agency might be providing a service to Comcast to attempt to collect the debt.

    Comcast believes that your parents are just trying to use your name to re-establish cable service without paying their existing balance. Have your parents moved out, sold you the house, passed away? Or do your parents still live at the same address? If your parents still live there, you're probably going to have to get the bill paid before they re-establish service. If they no longer live there, you may need to demonstrate/prove that.

    Cable companies typically have contracts with cities that provide them the exclusive monopoly on providing cable services. As part of that contract, cities will require them to provide at least a certain level of service. If you believe you are being unfairly denied service, you can contact your city councilperson's office and see if there's any assistance the city can provide to help you get your service turned on. (hint: the city is unlikely to help if your parents still live at that address)

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    Yes.  This is common practice, with utilities, water, etc.  Tell your parents that they need to pay their debt because you can't get Comcast until they do.  They should have a record of the collection agency.  A call and they should be able to find out what they owe.

    Source(s): Certified Paralegal, with 25+ years' experience.
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    Yes, it is. No business is required to do business with you.

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    i would just talk to them about it

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