Rack and pinion keeps on leaking! Note* automotive experts only, lengthy read but, informative! ?

Hi, I have 2011 gmc serria 1500. Note* 3rd year owning it, was stock truck when i bought it, dealer put a 6 inch lift(rough country), 35" wheels. Tires stared to wear bad. Replace front shoocks, upper control arm with ball joint and lower ball joint. Took it for and alignment. I was told it wouldn't hold, rack and pinion is bad,(asked about the tie rod ends, they there they were fine) they replaced the rack. Truck felt brand new! Fast-forward 5 months, it started to leak by the boot (driverside). Couple days and i'd be out of fluid. Took it in, they said the seal was installed bad. I pick it up, the steering was stiff, at time almost took 2 hands to turn, while in mid turn, slowing down. Bumps feel, violent at time. It would jerk my wheels here and there. Took it back in, 3 mechanics took it for a test drive. They couldn't find anything wrong. Took there word. Guese I learn to drive with the above problems. Also it seemed to smooth out. About 2 months later (today), I notice a little drop, it's leaking again.(faintly)

No, i don't drive crazy, i care for my tuck! Very cautious when i do go off road, which isn't often (camping fishing, hunting). Any thought's? 


Thank you all! Funny thing is I'd tell my friends, not get a big lift, cuz every get put in harsh angle. Guess I just got frustrated with the shop telling me everything was okay. When I new it wasn't in the back of my mind. Just needed a reminder! Lol All and all everything looks okay. Upgrades will be made! Thanks again!

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  • Geo
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    1 month ago
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    EVERYBODY is an Expert on YA, don't you know that? You have a 6" Lift and the Steering Rack is in the original position? You are exerting a Lateral Load on the rack that it was never designed for. It's designed for Linear Loading. If you look at the Bushings that guide the rack you'd see they're worn and the seals are being pulled by the downward force applied. You have a Geometry Problem. How are your Driveshaft U Joints holding up? Or did you replace it with a Double Cardan Joint?

  • 1 month ago

    That's what happens when you modify the suspension. No problems with the driveshafts yet do to the increased angle? Expect that next too.

  • 1 month ago

    Geo is right about the reason for the rack leak coming back.

    Bump steer is going to be a problem and so will tire wear on the front end. While a front end alignment can correct some problems it can not correct for the change in suspension geometry. Including tire scrub radius and bump steer. Bump steer is caused by the rack not having the correct orientation to the steering arms on the  front spindles.



  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    i would get a mechanic to check it out

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