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Agree or disagree: People who abuse or kill animals should get the death penalty?

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    Agree, but just so we're clear humans are also animals.

  • death-penalty  for  abusing  animals … isn't  that  kinda'  extreme?  i  say  let  the  punishment  fit  the  crime.  if  the  perpetrator  abuses  an  animal … he  should  have  the  same  abuse  administered  unto  him … likewise,  if  he  kills  an  animal,  he  also  should  be  killed.  the  punishment  should  fit  the  crime.

  • Isaac
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    4 days ago

    Disagree but keep an eye on them and they should get time in jail. Thing is, I can't be too hard on them without being a massive hypocrite b/c I love my bacon cheeseburgers. Pretty sure the system that gives me my bacon cheeseburgers isn't really kind to animals. They may not be going out of their way to abuse them but I also don't think they give two squats about their feelings. 

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    Absolutely disagree. Animals cannot have duties under the law. We can't control their behavior and can't expect anything from them. They owe nothing to anyone. But rights come with duties and duties come with rights. A being with no duty to others can demand no duty to himself. And thus, as animals show no respect for human life, having no duty to defend it, so we owe no respect for theirs. We therefore have a right to live, but they don't. No one should be punished for mistreating an animal, unless, of course, they harm an animal belonging to someone else. In that case, they should be responsible to the other person, but never to the animal.

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  • 4 days ago

    If they are only doing it for fun then I have no problem with that. 

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  • Lauren
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    4 days ago

    Disagree. I don't believe we should have the death penalty in general. 

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