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Why is Trump pulling ALL ads from MI and PA? And if Trump supporters don't believe the polls, will they believe the campaign's own actions?

Facing what appears to be a significant cash shortage, the Trump campaign has, for now, completely gone off the TV airwaves in Michigan and Pennsylvania, two of the core swing states that the president narrowly wrested from Democrats four years ago — and states where Trump has consistently trailed Biden in the polls throughout 2020.

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    He got a really poor greeting when he went to those states.

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    To be clear, I think they're only pulling TV ads.  They're still doing online advertising in those states. 

    They're pulling the ads because they are short on cash.  Trump had been raising a ton of money for his reelection over the past four years.  But he also spent a ton of money. Before the general election even began his campaign had spent most of their money.  Biden, meanwhile, has been raising truly eye popping amounts of money.  In August, for example, he raised IIRC about half as much money as John McCain spent on his entire campaign in 2008.  Biden is now vastly outraising Trump, by a margin of two or three to one.  And he's done most it via zoom events which cost them almost nothing to put on compared to traditional in person events. So he's just really lapping Trump when it comes to money.  Biden had very little cash on hand at the start of the year and now has a fortune. 

    So Trump has to husband his limited resources.  And they've apparently decided that they can't win Michigan or Pennsylvania and so aren't going to devote more resources to them.  I forget what the situation is in Michigan, but in Pennsylvania the latest polls showed Biden ahead by 7 points.  So Trump is probably better off spending his money in a state like Florida, where he and Biden are basically tied.  If he can hold on to Florida and Wisconsin (where polls are tightening up) then he could still, barely, win.

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    If you believe polls then why isn't Hillary Clinton the President??

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