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Any porn and social media free phones that still have GPS and other useful functions?

I have looked everywhere for a phone that is impossible to get social media or porn on but I have had no luck in finding something that still has the needed functionalities. Ideally the phone would include talking, texting, contact list, GPS, music, audio books, podcasts, Uber and nothing else. The closest thing I have found is the litephone 2 but it doesn't have enough features yet. I have looked at using an older dummy phone, an e-ink phone (to make porn/social media less enticing), or a standalone smartwatch where a phone isn't needed. I have tried several apps that block contact but I am always able to find a way around it. Any suggestions?

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    1 month ago

    When it's you setting up a wall for yourself, then you're always going to know a way around it, and you'll end up relying on self control anyway. And if you have a buddy set up parental controls you know you can just take the phone back to factory settings when you get desperate.

    Get a flip phone and be done with it.

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