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Why should being a bad trumpet player in school stop me from buying another trumpet 30 years later?

I had a bad experience in school.  When I was in the 5th grade, I started band with a trumpet.  At that time you rented the instrument for 3 months and that's all the time you had to decide if you wanted to purchase it.  My parents wanted to send it back because I couldn't hit the high notes and they said the tone quality was rather poor.  My music teacher said no amount of practice was going to make me better and I just wasn't cut out to play the trumpet.  Somehow I managed to keep the trumpet for a couple more years, but a couple of guys in the band didn't want me around so they stuffed small pieces of paper down my lead pipe so my horn would be plugged.  They stole the buttons off of my valves right before a concert.  Then they hammered on it or something until they dented the valve casing and the middle valve was stuck.  Had to take it in the shop and I was without my horn for 2 weeks and my music teacher was pissed.  I got a zero for each class I was without my horn and I failed band for that semester.   My band teacher said I was the absolute worst trumpet player ever in his band.  My parents exchanged words with my teacher and I was no longer in band. 

My parents took the horn away and sold it because they said I would never be able to play it.  Now that I've graduated I want to get another trumpet and show everyone that I can play it.  My parents told me if I buy a trumpet, they are going to send me for mental help.


My parents are absolutely dead against me buying another trumpet.  They said I had one chance, blew it and now I need to move on.  I tried the trombone but the 12C mouthpiece is a little big for my liking and a friend suggested that I try a trumpet.  I'm convinced I can play it if I can give it another chance.  

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    Move out of their house and you can do whatever you want.

  • 1 month ago

    If you want a trumpet, get one.  You will be paying for it, right?

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