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Car Registration moving from Hawaii to California?

I’m moving to California from Hawaii. My car is registered in Hawaii and has already shipped and current registration will be expired by the time I pick it up in California. If I re-registered my car for Hawaii, would I need to do anything paperwork wise in California? Or should I just let the current registration expire and register it in California?

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  • Bill
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    3 weeks ago

    Wait to register it in California.  Present the shipment order showing the registration was still valid when shipped to avoid lat fees.

  • May
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    1 month ago

     I wouldn't renew the Hawaii registration and would go to the Ca. DMV to register the car there.  You may have to certify that you have not driven the car since the Hawaii registration expired. 

     Remember, there is no law that says a car must have current registration............UNLESS the car is parked on or driven on public roads.

    You had the car trucked to your home driveway from the ship.  Remember?

  • 1 month ago

    You would still need to register it in California.  Even if you registered it in Hawaii, you would still have to do all of the same paperwork in California that you would have to do if you did not register in Hawaii.  When you move to California, from any state, you must reregister it in California, when you get it to California, even if your registration from another state has not expired.  Registration is valid only for as long as you live in the state that issued it; when you move to another state, even if it is not expired, you cannot use it anymore, and you have to register in your new state.

    If you wait more than a few weeks to register in CA, even if you register in another state, you will be charged hundreds or thousands of dollars in late fees for not registering it when you moved to CA.

    The only advantage to reregistering in Hawaii is so that you can drive it for a few days after you arrive, like to get it from the ship to the DMV (where you register it), without having to first get a temporary permit from California just for that little drive.  But, either way, if you're going to keep driving in CA, you need to register there.

  • 1 month ago

    Regardless of what you do now,  in 60 days you will have to register it in California.  I would save myself some work and just get it registered in California. 

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    Nonresident Vehicle Information

    I'd post more from that document, but Yahoo Answers is SO f*cked up that it utterly messes up paragraphs and the space between them.

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