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How can I stop displaying overly apprehensive behavior?

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    Several times per week, do something to reduce your stress. This might be exercise, look at something beautiful, draw or color (or anything else creative,) or talk to a trusted person. By reducing your stress, you will actually feel less apprehension, which will automatically reduce the appearance of apprehension. 

    Other than that, talking to others without giving that vibe is just something that becomes more natural from experience and practice. So the long term answer is to keep talking to people anyway, even if you haven't got all the apprehension out of the way yet.

    Good luck. Take comfort in the fact that others won't think about your mood as much as you do or for as long as you think about it. The mistakes you feel like you are making will pass from their mind in a short time.

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    If you're a Christian pray about it. Ask the Lord to deliver you and help you.

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    EQ +Born again............

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    Someone hasn't given you your pacifier.


    Lots of sex.. with nice person. go for a long hike...

    Avoidance is better...


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     to grow up and begin acting your age rather than your shoesize instead would Help greatly

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    Take time through out the day to be aware of your breathing. Gentle breathing. Look for small ways to be helpful to others, it will take your mind off yourself.

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