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Does this girl like me or want to have sex with me? ?

We have been friends for about a year almost. Getting to know each other etc. She has a girlfriend but says she's a lesbian to me. One time we were drinking together and then texting when we got home and she then confessed that she liked me but she was telling me she wanted to have sex with me even tho she's going out with that girl. She then started to send me nudes etc. I politely told her at the moment its not right because she is in a relationship and I dont want to be the person to end their relationship. 

Eventually few weeks later she apologised and said she loves her girlfriend and she only wants to be friends with me etc and I got annoyed because I dont want to be used as a stepping stone or messed around. 

Now and again through text I get little hints from her that she might like me but afraid to admit anything again. For example if I say somethin "I destroyed it" if its a metaphor for eating a pizza lol. She goes "I'm sure you can destroy it alright" as a sexual innuendo and little things like that. I can just wait around and see but is she hinting she wants to have sex with me? I dont want to be played like a fool either. 

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    Sounds like she wants you on the side. She's got her girlfriend and she also wants you, but doesn't want to break up with her girlfriend. So she wants both.

    It's up to you if you go for it, but recognise that if you do then you're going to have to go in it without any emotional attachment. The reason I say this is because I have slept with plenty of women in relationships mostly unintentionally but many times intentionally and not once has it ever worked out.

    It doesn't necessarily mean that your friendship will be destroyed. I'm still friends with some women who's relationship had been destroyed because of our fooling around. But you should probably expect that it might happen as well and factor that into your decision making.

    If you decide to stay as friends with her and she keeps making advances towards you, there's no reason you can't have a little bit of fun and flirt back haha. Just don't take things further.

    If it does start to get on your nerves though, it's a case of having a talk with her. If she ignores what you say then it'd probably be best that you start distancing yourself from her since that kind of thing can be quite destructive to yourself. A toxic relationship so to speak.

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    She might be Bi.  But you have made your feelings clear about interfering with her present relationship so she will just have to accept it won't she.  I wouldn't get too romantically inclined towards her as you don't want to be used.  You sound hetero so you should seek a hetero girlfriend rather than hang out with this girl.

  • Robert
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    She seems to want to experiment.  If you don't want to under her circumstance, don't feed into it.  If you do, then do it and get it done with.  But why agonize over it?  She can't play you for a food unless you allow it. So either have an honest heart to heart talk with her IN PERSON and not the text crap.  Then make a decision and stick with it.  Problem solved.

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    A person who has doubts about his/her sexual orientation is probably mixed up in many other things.  She might serve as a quick fukc if she has a day when she decides she is straight, but she may shun you or behave very weirdly the next day.  

    I'd keep my distance.

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