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Would you find it easy or hard to relax after losing your job?

I've gotten advice from one of my older sister and my folks to relax about losing my last job.

My last job that I was working at for the last 2 months, decided to close the location I was working and decided to move. 

My last job was my third job this year.

The job I had back in early January of this year, I was forced out by management in my department (false allegations, no investigation) and it was a union job and my union representatives didn't care to help me.

No lawyer I contacted, cared to take my case either. 

The second job I had this year, my position was changed without management telling me. 

I feel bored and lost everyday. 

I've gotten interviews so far and I've applied for unemployment.

I just wish something was going for me.

I don't want to be someone who just likes collecting unemployment. 


Thank you Roderick for your answer. I appreciate it. 

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    When I was put on the "excess list," that is, scheduled for layoff unless I found another job, I didn't relax.  I then put all my energy into finding the next job.  Most of my colleagues took a more relaxed approach, actually taking vacation, then casually looking.  They also did fine.

    But these are unusual times.  I know someone who had a string of unstable jobs with lots of drama since 2016.  They finally got a stable job this year, with a solid salary and environment.  It seems that there is no run of bad events that doesn't end if you keep trying.

    Keep occupied with your job search.  When you get something, focus on doing the best job you can for the company.  Eventually, that does pay off.

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    yes i would find it very hard to relax but its okay you can work at mcdonalds

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