Title of Old TV series about infertility?

I am Japanese, and I am looking for the old TV series(probably '90s)but I can't remember the title. Please help me.

The story is like this.

A girl accidentally travels to another world where the all people are infertile. Since they don't have babies, they treat dolls as their baby. Suddenly another boy went this world accidentally also. Now people arrest this 2 to make baby. At the end, the boy and girl were rescued.....I even not sure if it was correct but I am so bothered. Please help me to get the title. Thank you so much.


I think it was american TV series.

Update 2:

I remember, This is just one of the series.

Mainly, they travel the world and involved in  the problems. 

Infertile world is just one of the story....hmmm

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