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Why do people claim Joe Biden's campaign is only about getting Donald J. Trump out of office?

Do ya'll need hearing aides, turn up the volume on your picture box.

- Joe Biden has worked with his team of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris to come up with an FDR style plan to bring America out of Donald J. Trump's great redepression.

- Joe Biden is looking into reforming, rebuilding and retraining the police well re-prioritizing investments into education, healthcare, mental health services and other community programs that actually prevent crimes and benefit everyone.

- Joe Biden plans on listening to scientists and proper experts not a guy who opposed hurricane Sandy relief [Mark Meadow], a handbag designer [Ivanka Trump], a failed real estate developer [Jared Kushner], a movie producer [Steven Mnuchin], a television host [Larry Kudlow], a guy who believes we should send Barack Obama 'home to Kenya' [Robert Lighthizer], a failed businessman who made his fortune going through the bankruptcy system [Wilbur Ross], a Witch Doctor [Stella Immanuel], known white supremacists [James McHenry III, John Zadrozny & Stephen Miller], two Evangelists who believes only evangelists like them should be allowed to live [Michael Lindell/Mike Pence], overly smug 17 year old douchebags or unstable gun touting lawyers.

That is only three things from Biden's campaign, Donald  J. Trump has no campaign.

- 'We have pioneered the fatality rate' – Donald J. Trump

- 'I don't think science knows actually' – Donald J. Trump

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"We'll protect the secessionist traitors who seceded from The Union and started the American Civil War by attacking Fort Sumter in South Carolina shortly after Abraham Lincoln had been inaugurated as the President of the United States to continue upholding slavery, we'll save the suburbs and we'll end the cancel culture" - Donald J. Trump

Fear, hatred, paranoia, no policies, no plan, no campaign.

Updated 4 days ago:

"a bunch of communists"

- "When the students poured into Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government almost blew it, then they were vicious, they were horrible, but they put it down with strength. That shows you the power of strength."

- “He’s now president for life. President for life. No, he’s great,” Trump said. “And look, he was able to do that. I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll have to give that a shot someday."

Updated 4 days ago:

- “President Xi, who is a strong man, I call him ‘king’,” Trump said in a wide-ranging speech at Tuesday’s dinner. “He said, ‘But I am not king, I am president.’ I said, ‘No, you are president for life, and therefore you are king.’ He said, ‘Huh … huh.’ He liked that. I call him ‘king’. I get along with him great.”

Updated 4 days ago:

Kim Jong-un:

- "He's the head of the country," Trump said of Kim Friday during a live interview on Fox News' "Fox and Friends." "And I mean he's the strong head. Don't let anyone think anything different." "He speaks and his people sit up at attention," the President added. "I want my people to do the same.”

Updated 4 days ago:

- “I learned that he’s a very talented man. I also learned that he loves his country very much. His country does love him,” Trump said. “His people, you see the fervor. They have a great fervor. They’re gonna put it together, and I think they’re going to end up with a very strong country, and a country which has people—that they’re so hard working, so industrious.”

Updated 4 days ago:

- "Again, the relationship is very good. He likes me. I like him. Some people say, 'Oh, you shouldn't like him.' I said, 'Why shouldn't I like him?'" […] At a rally in West Virginia last year following their first summit in Singapore in June, Trump was effusive about his relationship with Kim, telling supporters "we fell in love." ”No, really. He wrote me beautiful letters," he continued.

Updated 4 days ago:

"You lost me at Alexandria Ocasio Cortez."

I see intelligent women scares you, you find them 'nasty'. 

Updated 4 days ago:

"so then you agree there's no substance behind any of the stuff he's "trying" to achieve?"

Slap your mother for not teaching you how to read for me.

Updated 4 days ago:

thomas f  I debunked all your ********  before, jog on twerp.  Report him.

Updated 4 days ago:

"I'm voting for the safety, security, and prosperity of America."

196K dead, China, Iran and Russia are all p/ssed at us and our allies have abandoned us.  55 million unemployed.  Now I know none of this matters to you mustagme because you're an Evangelist white supremacist who thinks only evangelists like you should be allowed to live.  You deserve cancer, COVID-19 and HIV all at once.  

Updated 4 days ago:

Thanks for admitting you're thomas f as well mustagme. 

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    Damn bro. You really exposed the crap out of trump and his supporters. We will succeed. All we need to do is to register for more people to vote blue.


  • Jim2
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    4 days ago

    You're right, Joe has a good plan. 

  • 4 days ago

    That is what they are doing.

    I have NEVER SEEN somany political adds, Biden is not able, but Harris is and that is why they are pushing this so far!!!!

    California is ****** and she had a part in it, now she wants to run the country under the sheets?

  • 4 days ago

    Because it's common knowledge and any self respecting Trump hater will tell you exactly that

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    Keep in mind, Cons only listen to conservative news, which is full of ridiculous lies, and lies by omission of facts. These bone heads don't even believe the fact checkers. Their only recourse is to spew extreme negativity. Biden, is pretty much a centrist which is good governess. If Trump gets 4 more years, America will become an Autocracy. Trump is a Putin "wanna be".  I have seen interviews of Trump supporters, and one said "Where was Obama on 9-11, playing golf? People with a brain, knows Bush was President at that time. This an example of the stupidity from Trump supporters, most never made it past high school, and it shows.

  • 4 days ago

    You don't really believe the Dems are excited about putting a 78-year-old dude with diminishing mental capacity in the White House for 4 years, do you?  This is all a carefully planned script by them to bypass the normal election process and get their puppet into office.

  • Jeff S
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    4 days ago

    It's Trump's followers saying that because there's no defense to his incompetence!

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    Yes, here are some good reasons to vote for Biden:

    --Biden will cancel the Trump income tax cuts, raising everyone's taxes.

    --Biden will attack the COVID-19 pandemic with a much stricter lock down, which will further choke the economy while "flattening the curve" of new infections. Our children will not be allowed to attend school in person for the forseeable future.

    --Biden will embrace the Green New Deal, banning all cows and all airplanes. Fracking will be phased out, causing us to resume our dependence on foreign oil, until all fossil fuels are eventually phased out.

    --Biden will embrace Medicare for all, which will abolish all forms of private insurance. Healthcare will be 100% government funded and regulated from now on.

    --Biden will reinstate the Obama anti-business regulations that Trump has cancelled.

    --Biden will transfer more American jobs to Asia, in part by re-joining Obama's TPP Trade deal, which Trump cancelled. (Trans Pacific Partnership)

    --Biden will do his best to confiscate Americans' ownership of AK-47 and AR-15 rifles and the like.

    --Biden will work to continue a woman's right to an abortion, right up to the moment of birth.

    --Biden will seek citizenship for some 11Million-18Million illegal aliens, who will then compete for jobs against America's working poor.

    --Biden will decriminalize the illegal entry of foreign nationals into our country, and encourage a massive increase in Muslim and other illegals entering our country.

    --Biden will embrace House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's new $3Trillion stimulus bill.

    --Biden will work to defund the police, and abolish and close all prisons, while ignoring the rioting, looting, and burning in our city streets.

    These are all good reasons to vote for Biden-Harris, aren't they?

  • 4 days ago

    so then you agree there's no substance behind any of the stuff he's "trying" to achieve?

    ....and I notice even you couldn't help making "getting rid of trump" the central theme of your "question".....'s almost like you're part of the actual biden campaign or something....

  • So, his plan is that he's worked with a bunch of communists?  LOL Ok.  And it's hearing AIDS fool.  "Aides" are helpers

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