How are CDs labeled for customers to find them at a record/CD store?

I work at the library and say a CD has 781.66 tmo on it. And we are stopping that method of labeling the CD bc it's only convenient for us workers when.putting away. Nobody looking for cd is gonna locate it that way. Bit.I have gotten my music digital. Dice it was legal and CDs were less bought in-store. So I don't remember how they label at a store to help customers browse and and find a very specific CD they want. Like if I wanted to find enya and then beyond that specific CD of "a day without rain" would I look under "e" then look for her name and grouse her CD collection till I found that CD? It's been so long. I think that's the method we will use to browse the CD section bc it's easier for customers. Only us librarians use the dewey system to locate a CD. Same with DVDs but that's easier. I was still using block buster up till it went out of business but wasn't using physical CDs for a while. I was looking g for help to make sure I understand this. We aren't switching to this for a bit but it was discussed today.  

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    1 month ago
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    They arrange LPs or CDs by the name of the artists alphabetically and also by genre. For example, you would go to the rock and roll section to find rock artists and there they put artists like Aerosmith ahead of Bob Dylan and ZZ Top near the end.. They do the same at the library actually, by genre and alphabetically by name. 

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    Alphabetical by artist surname 

    (except for single-name artists like Prince and Madonna), 

    then alphabetical by title, if they are separated at all, which is rare.   

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    There is no labeling on CDs for sorting, the stores do it however they want.  The most common way is to sort by genre, then alphabetically by artist.  

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