Ramiz asked in PetsCats · 6 days ago

What is World's Scariest Cat | World's Most Expensive Bicycle?

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  • 5 days ago

    Not sure but i heard Ferrari makes a Bicycle that cost 32 k and cats are like Rats, only the one whom came from Himalayan counts.

    Don't listen i read a lot of craps from Media but, your question is quite interesting because men, regulars like me we can not associate Cats with automobiles, they bot way different things and certainly your can one of these but not both. As i do i love cars but also loves party, wine, women, more wine and always women, we got no time for Cats or dogs, even dogs are more easy than a cat, i can leave my Dog with a big bag of food all day long but not a cat.

    Anyway, if you have a Mongolian baby just set him free at the wood, i did it and i gave him 10 bucks for buy some food when he get hungry. He didn't says schit, he was laughing, still wonder what happened to him.

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