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I think I smell but can’t smell it? ?

This is so embarrassing and I hope everyone will respond respectfully. 

So one night at work, I went behind the register to put an item back. He immediately goes up stairs. The next night, I come downstairs and he immediately goes to the other side of the store. I buy something, go upstairs and I guess he thought I was in the break room (I was on the sales floor) and he shouts out “(my name) stinks! Woooowooo!” I was completely puzzled and  offended at the fact he said it out loud to the other manager and our coworker. Instead of just pulling to me the side or saying it more discreet. Please know, I shower daily with castor soap (Dr. Bronner) and I wash my clothes every week. I put on fresh panties, socks and I wear deodorant. I am a plus size woman (200lb). I even spray perfume on. Two weeks ago, Nick asks me for the store key, I gave it to him and he leaves my section. I guess he made a face to our coworker cause she began laughing out loud. If I’m in an area, he’ll wait til I am away to come to the area as well. Apparently, I stink and cannot smell it. What to do?

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    First of all your co-workers are incredibly rude and if you feel this is harassment you need to document each occurrence and file a complaint with human resources. There are many reasons for unusual body odors. You might want to visit a doctor to rule out medical reasons such as ketosis or diabetes related problems. Next look at your diet. Eating foods heavy on onions, garlic and strong spices can make sweat smell like onions, garlic and strong spices mixed with urea and ammonia. Do you shave your underarms? Hair is a home for bacteria and bacteria can make sweat stink even worse. Finally, you say you use deodorant but do you use an antiperspirant? Deodorants cover up the smell of sweat, an antiperspirant stops sweat from happening.  Look for an antiperspirant and read labels. Antiperspirants are usually inexpensive and in every drug store.

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    You should be clean based on what you say.  You also say you use perfume.  Maybe it's the perfume he's saying stinks.  Maybe he doesn't like it.  Or maybe you're using too much.  That could be it.  No matter what though you're right, it's something to address privately with you.

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