Thoughts on the new NVIDIA 30 series of graphics cards? I bought a 2070 super in April, should I feel sick?

I love my 2070 super, it does everything I need

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  • 1 month ago

    Well uhhh, what kind of monitor are you using? If you're using a 1080p 60hz-75hz monitor or a 1440p 60hz monitor then you're not missing anything. Even an old GTX 1080 or RTX 2060 can Max out games at 1080p will getting around or better than 60fps for the most part. Something like the RTX 2070 Super will do very well with a 1080p 144hz monitor, provided that you have a good CPU. The only people that should be buying these RTX 30-series cards are the ones that are gaming at 4k or with a 1440p/144hz monitor.

    There are people out there that want to upgrade to the 3080 or 3070 and they're still using a 1080p monitor with a 2080 Super. Even an RTX 2080 Super is overkill of a standard 1080p monitor. In the end these people would notice no difference in framerates or visuals because they're limited by the monitor they're using.

    Back in April I almost bought an RTX 2070 Super or a 2080 Super but I remembered that the 30-series cards were on the way so I held off. I have a bunch of 10-series cards but no 20-sereis cards because the 20-series wasn't much of a leap.

    I look at it this way.

    When you bought the 2070 Super, did you need a card back then? If you were building a new system or your previous card broke then there's nothing to feel bad about. Now, if you bought the 2070 Super to upgrade your GTX 1070 then you still shouldn't feel bad because now you'll look to see what's on the horizon before buying a card. .

    So I know this guy who bought a GTX 1080ti a couple weeks after it launched, but only because he couldn't find one on launch day. He said he hoped to get 5-7 years out of the card. However, now he wants an RTX 3090 because he hopes he can get 5-7 years out of that card. The problem is the GTX 1080ti is only 3.5 years old at this point. He tried to list his 1080ti a couple days before the Sept 1st launch event but all he got were lowball offers.

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    1 month ago

    if it does everything you need, then what is the problem?

    aren't you supposed to NOT covet your neighbor's goods?

  • 1 month ago

    I've got a GTX 1080. I've ordered a 144hz 4k monitor.I hope to secure an RTX 3080 tomorrow on launch day.  But I understand it may be a few weeks before supply becomes plentiful. I sat out for the 20-series as I tend to upgrade video cards ever other generation. And the GTX 1080 ran most everything at triple digit frame rates at 1080p anyway.

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    1 month ago

    There were rumors of the 3000 series in April so you either didn't hear about it or chose to ignore them.  At some point you need a graphics card and you got one.  Having to go without one for 6 months based on a rumor would have been a bit much.  Obviously you have a functional card and if you are not planning on doing 4k gaming then you really don't need anything better than the 2070.  I suppose if anything if you were already upgrading from something that was technically functional you can take it as a lesson learned to be a bit more patient in the future.  I've learned timing is key with tech upgrades and you have to know which years to skip.  Regardless there's always incremental upgrades in the tech market, you are always going to feel behind on some level. Just count yourself in for the next one in 3 or 4 years.  Maybe you will be better off with the 4000 or 5000 series who knows....

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